Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Question: What is your favorite Disneyland ride (I'm guessing it is Indiana Jones)?

I have never been on the Indiana Jones ride.  I have been on most rides, but the line was long and the kids were not enthusiastic about having things flying at them, so we skipped that one.  The rides I like best are the ones that have some fantasy element.  I enjoy the experience of being taken out of the ordinary world for a while.  My favorite rides are the Haunted House and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I don't really like the changes they made to both of these rides, but they are not horrible, either.  I like things that are kind of creepy and macabre, but also whimsical.  This is why I think Johnny Depp was a good choice to star in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  I have only seen one of these movies, and thought the plot was rather boring, but I thought Johnny Depp was good.  I have a theory that he is a relatively normal guy who has cultivated sort of a creepy persona for commercial benefit, but I could be wrong.

I don't know about you, but the more I know about how the rides are designed and how the illusions work the more magical I find them.  If that describes you, check out 

The scariest ride I went on there was the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure.  It was scarier than the Tower of Terror to me.  I think because it was easy to see how the thing worked so that it was easy to imagine it failing to work. I talked to some people who will not go on roller coasters, but who find the Ferris Wheel to be fun.  Not me.  I have never been on a roller coaster that left as terrified as the Ferris Wheel.  Also, I find the roller coaster at Schnepf farms to be scarier than any of the big ones because it seems like something that a guy put together in his garage.  It also jars my spine, and so I may not ever ride it again.

If there is anybody still reading this, add a comment.  I have a big collection of questions, but don't want to work on it all summer if I am the only person who is going to read it.

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